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Why Choose B&L Properties at IUP?

Indiana University of Pennsylvania is one of the two largest Universities in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education and the fourth or fifth largest overall in Pennsylvania.  Founded in 1875 with only a few hundred students enrolled, Indiana University of Pennsylvania first became the Indiana State Teachers College in 1920.  It achieved University status in 1965 and at that time took on the name it is known by today, Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  Interested in exploring more fun facts and historical information about the University, visit the “Brief History” section of their website here:

Indiana University of Pennsylvania offers 132 undergraduate programs, 52 master’s programs, and 12 doctoral programs.  To this day, IUP continues to be the only University within the State System that offers graduate students the opportunity to pursue degrees at the doctoral level.  Although IUP’s enrollment has dipped in recent years, it has held steady at around 13,000 students, with great diversity and background, creating an ideal campus life environment.  In addition to their main campus location in Indiana Pennsylvania, IUP has 5 satellite campuses located in Punzsutawney, Northpointe, Monroeville, Johnstown, and Harrisburg.  For a complete list of all the degree programs the University has to offer at both their main campus and at their satellite campuses, visit the “Academics” section of their website here:

Indiana University of Pennsylvania has received many prestigious rankings by various well-known and esteemed sources.  For a complete list of Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s accomplishments, visit the “Points of Pride” section of their website here:

Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s campus sits on 374 acres and is surrounded by the borough of Indiana.  This location provides for great integration between on campus activities and features as well as what the town has to offer.  No matter where you are on campus or in town you are just a short walk from where you want to be.

Between what is offered on campus and what is found throughout town, you will never be without something to do.  On campus, the new Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex has tons of great events.  Chick here to see what is coming up:

The campus is also home to Miller Stadium, a planetarium, University Museum, Stapleton Library, and a very well-known parklike area named Oak Grove.  

Student life is a big part of the college experience.  You study hard to earn your degree but you also play hard to relax and build friendships that will last a lifetime.  IUP has over 250 clubs and student organizations to get involved in.  A short list of what is offered includes:

Academic organizations

Honor and Leadership Societies

Club sports

Intramural sports

Performing Arts


Media organizations


Political organizations

Intercultural organizations

Religious and Spiritual organizations

Greek life

There is a plethora of opportunities for you to get involved.  Wherever your passion lies, there is sure to be an organization or club to fit you.  Check out the IUP website for a full list of clubs and student organizations that are available to students:

In addition to the clubs and organizations that you can get involved in, IUP has some great well-known campus traditions that you will surely not want to miss out participating in.  Below is a list and description of these timeless traditions.

Athletics - As a NCAA Division II School, athletics are a large part of campus life and the Crimson Hawks’ pride runs deep.  With 7 varsity programs for men and 10 for women, there are plenty of sporting events and games to go see.  To view the full schedule for all varsity sports teams, please visit the IUP athletics website here: 

Six O’clock Series – The Six O’clock Series gives IUP students and the community an opportunity to learn about different issues that are at the forefront of current society and news.  These free lectures allow IUP students and the community to broaden their perspective and approach topics in ways they might not have done before.  You can learn more about the Six O’clock Series here:

Welcome Weekend – There is no better tradition then Welcome Weekend.  It is the perfect time to get to know the campus better and to get acquainted with all of the different resources that are available to you as an IUP student.  You will have an opportunity to participate in a variety of activities located across campus in order to help you familiarize yourself with the campus’ facilities as well as to connect with University staff who can assist you as you begin this journey of earning your college degree.  In addition to all this, you will get the opportunity to enjoy meeting new people, getting to know your apartment mates better, and hanging out with old and new friends, all before the demands of college classwork begin.  To download this year’s Welcome Weekend guide, please click here:

IUP Day – First started in 2007, IUP Day showcases the different organizations available on campus and gives each organization an opportunity to grow its membership.  Additionally, it provides you with the opportunity to find out what is available to you as an IUP student.  This event is planned by students and for students and is always a ton of fun.  To find out more information about this year’s IUP day, visit their website here:

Homecoming – The granddaddy of all campus traditions, Homecoming weekend, has always been a part of IUP campus life.  The parade, tailgating, the football game, it does not get any better than this.  Start the tradition of attending Homecoming now and it can be one that can last for a lifetime.  Homecoming is designed not only for current IUP students such as yourself, but also for Alumni and their children to attend.  There are many special events planned for you when you return to participate in Homecoming as an Alumni with one of the most memorable experiences being the Crimson Huddle.  For this year’s fun filled schedule of events, please visit their website here: 

Besides these unforgettable traditions and student life clubs and organizations, IUP offers many extremely important supports and services that are often either unknown or overlooked by students.  Some of these supports and services include:

The Center for Health and Well-Being

The Counseling Center

Support Groups

Tobacco, Alcohol, and other Drugs Program

Escort Service

Disability Support Services

Translation Services

Peer Tutoring

Writing Center

IT Support Center

Day Care

IUP Head Start Services

Copy and Duplicating Services

Military and Veterans Resource Center

For detailed descriptions and more information regarding how these supports and services may be able to help serve you to experience a successful college career, visit the “Student Services” section of the Student Life tab here:

Indiana University of Pennsylvania has jumped head first into the digital social media age and has much to offer you as an IUP student in this realm.  In order to do so, IUP diligently follows the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education’s instituted guidelines regarding the use of social media and participates in the following social media services:  Facebook, YouTube, FourSquare, Instragram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  To see how you can locate and interact on these social media pages, please visit the “IUP Social Media” website here:

So what about all these great things that Indiana University of Pennsylvania has to offer me as a student you may say?  Well, this is where we, B&L Properties, come in.  We are here to provide you with quality, affordable, cost saving, off-campus housing in which you can participate in and experience all of these great things that IUP has to offer while living in the comforts of your very own apartment.

B&L Properties provides you with a variety of housing options.  We take great pride in all of our apartment buildings and in the exclusive amenities that we offer to our tenants.  Living in a B&L Properties’ apartment will give you the most value for your dollar and will enable you to enjoy all the activities and features that IUP has for its students.

Our apartments are all located within walking distance to the IUP campus and are also positioned along the Indi-Go bus route if you prefer to take the shuttle instead of walking.  This enables you to be right in the center of IUP student life without having to live in the dorms on campus.  Our apartments vary in size from one bedroom, one bathroom units to six bedroom, six bathroom units.  We also offer multiple pricing options depending on the amount of roommates you wish to have and which apartment building you would like to live in.  We will also work with you if you are a student using Financial Aid to help pay for your housing.

Living in a B&L Properties’ apartment gives you the best of both worlds.  Quick and convenient access to campus for classes, clubs, organizations, sporting events, campus supports and services, or special events and activities all while being able to live within your own space that is clean, affordable, and well maintained.  Check out our apartment listings today to find the right one for you and your friends!