Student Testimonials

Want to know why you should come to B&L? Check out what our residents have to say about their experience with our student housing. Quality, value, personal touch... Your student housing should be the best. You have enough to think about. Let us take care of it.

  • “B&L's staff keeps us well informed and they have very good communication. I've lived with other Landlords before and B&L is more responsive and really trying to help us out. For the price this is the nicest place I've ever lived.” – Kelli and Julie

  • “I recommend living at B&L Properties. They have the nicest apartments I've lived at while I have been here. All my friends talk about how nice the house is. If anything goes wrong, B&L Properties is really easy to contact. If you are looking for an off campus apartment I would recommend B&L Properties.” – Breanna

  • “I've lived with B&L Properties for 2 years. They are really caring and you can go to them with anything. Once the maintenance guys changed one of my light bulbs, because your parents aren't up here, so B&L helps you out. They are hip to the college town.” – Callie

  • “I've lived with B&L Properties for 2 years. It's been amazing. I know that they will help me at any time I need. The houses I've moved into with them looked brand new, everything was all fixed and clean. I moved into a great house and enjoyed every minute of it.” – Erica

  • “B&L Properties is a great organization; they are very helpful. Compared to my landlords last year, it is much more satisfying this year living with B&L.” – Harry

  • “B&L Properties has always been really fair with everything and during the flood event they were really great making sure we were taken care of and getting everything cleaned up.” – Chris