Hurry - Rent by Sep 2024 for 2025-26 Year!

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At B&L, we're always about making things easy for you. Rent checks are so old school. Want to pay your rent online? Just click the button below.  

Pay Online  

What it costs you to pay online

B&L Properties uses Paylease, an independent 3rd party company to receive online payments.

They charge the following to process your online payment:

ACH Transfers (transferring the money from your checking account) -  $3.95

Visa, MasterCard, Discover - $3.95 plus 3.5 percent of the total amount you are paying.

American Express - $2.45 plus 4 percent of the total amount you are paying.

Debit Card Processing Fee - $6.95

So for example, if you are paying the $350 security deposit with your Visa card Paylease will charge you $14.95 to process your payment.  If you make the same payment using an ACH transfer it will cost you $2.45.

B&L Properties is not affiliated in any way with Paylease and does not receive any money from the processing fees you are charged.