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Bonus B&L Benefits

Bonus B&L Benefits - 24 Hr Maintenance, Free Summers, Leather Sofa & TV Included

The extras really make a difference when you stay with B&L Properties. In addition to having the best houses in the best locations, we are looking for ways to save you money and make your college experience the best. Here are some of the ways we help you keep the money in your pocket.

Free Summers – If you rent from us for two years in a row you get the summer for free. So if you stay with us as a Junior and re-sign for your Senior year, guess what – free summer. You can live at the apartment, or just not have the hassle of moving your stuff home. Moving is no fun, stay with us and you won’t have to move your stuff or pay for summers the whole time.

Free Early Move-In – Need to come back to school early for football?  No problem, we will let you move in early for free. Most landlords will hit you up for a couple hundred bucks to move in early. Stay with us and you don’t have to worry about that. Just let us know in advance when you need to move in and we will have your house ready for you.

Free Parking – We offer free parking most of our locations. Parking can be very expensive in Indiana. Renting from us saves you hundreds of dollars per year because you don’t have to pay for your parking.

Roommate Matching – B&L Properties has several buildings designated for roommate matching. Want to live off campus but don’t want to live by yourself? No problem. Take our roommate matching survey and we will match you up with some likeminded students to live with for the year. Who knows, they might become friends for life.