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Learn About the B&L Extras

The B&L Extras - Have a Great Experience on Us - Discover More Than Student Housing

The key with B&L, is that we are so focused on taking good care of you. B&L's extras are special above-and-beyond thing that we provide, and set us apart. From our furnished housing, and 24 hour maintenance service, to the gym/clubhouse/tanning facilities and more. See the extras you get with B&L.

Our gym, clubhouse, and tanning are all included


When we say "extra" - we mean it. Our gym, clubhouse, and tanning are all included in your stay with us. We have custom-built a dedicated facility full of Nautilus equipment, free weights, and cardio machines. The clubhouse upstairs includes a pool table, double-sided fireplace, foosball, and more. And there's a private tanning facility as well. Bonus! We also have a sand volleyball court and fire pit. And don't miss our recently added Personal Training and Yoga classes, all free!! Read more on the Gym & Clubhouse With Tanning page >

Special events - including free donuts and a pizza raffle each week, as well as finals week chair massage

B&L Special Events

An important part of college is being a part of something fun and meaningful, with friends. At B&L, a core part of our philosophy is taking care of you, and that doesn't just mean workout facilities, or our fantastic manintenance service, but also the fun and relaxation side of things. Drop by our conveniently located office for Free Donunt Friday. Grab a treat, and get some delicious coffee. We will also be doing a pizza giveaway raffle each week. Your group might be the winner! Oh, and we know finals week can be stressful. That's why we bring in a massage therapist, and provide free, stress-relieving chair massages during finals! We've got you covered. Learn more on our Special Events page >

Free summers, 24/7 maintenance, and top notch furnishings

Bonus B&L Benefits

We mean it when we say the key to what we do is taking good care of you. Rent with us a follow-up year, and get the summer for free. Who does that? We do. Does school activity involvement need you to start the year early? We have flexible early move-in to accommodate you. Busy, and your apartment has a problem? Our excellent maintenance staff will work with you to set up a repair visit - 24/7. You'll also notice that our apartments are furnished, each having a leather sofa  with the other furniture and appliances. Get the details on the Bonus B&L Benefits page >