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B&L Reminders for Winter Break

As winter break fast approaches, there are some important things to remember before leaving your apartment. The holidays and break from academics are an exciting time but leaving your apartment in a rush is not worth it. Here are a few things to keep in mind when packing up!

- You can come and from your apartment as you please over winter break!

- Property inspections start occurring on 12/13! Make sure your place is ready by then.

- Lock your windows and doors before you leave. If they won’t lock, feel free to submit a maintenance request. Locking up is important and helps to make sure your belongings are safe. If you have window air conditioners, these also need to be removed before going on break.

- Your thermostats must be set to a minimum of 60 degrees. It’s simple and in the lease. Don’t forget! Make sure all of them are set to 60 if your apartment has more than one. This keeps the pipes from bursting and causing damage.

- Wash your dishes and clean your sinks. Coming back to bugs, rodents, or mold isn’t fun for anyone!

- Clean your bathrooms! It’s easy to forget to of this and for the same reasons as cleaning your kitchens — it’s important. Try to get rid of soap scum buildup now. The longest you wait, the harder it is. 

- Take out your trash. Don’t leave anything on your porches, decks, or in the hallways.

- Snow is on the way. Don’t forget to bring back shovels and scrapers to help you clear it from your cars and walkways!

- Tanning and the gym will both be closed until Jan. 24th when everyone returns to class.

- Most importantly — Enjoy your break! A reprieve from academics is always nice and winter break provides a nice amount of time to celebrate this in whatever way you choose to do so. Enjoy your time off and come back feeling refreshed for another semester.