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Finals Tips for Indiana University of Pennsylvania Students

As the semester winds down, finals week is rapidly approaching. While Thanksgiving offers a well deserved academic break, it is still important to be thinking ahead about what is to come. Being unprepared for your final exams can be a costly mistake and result in a wasted semester of class. Here are some tips to help you study and prepare for your final exams at Bloomsburg University.

1. Study with Classmates

You’re not in this alone! Every person in your class has to take the final and prepare to be assess on a semester’s worth of content. Use your resources! Make connections with your peers and form study groups to help you prepare for the final exam. Your friends can help to shoulder the load of studying and make the pile of information easier to sift through. You can also compare your notes and study guides with your classmates to make sure that yours is comprehensive and well formatted. The motivation that working with your peers provides can help to give you that extra boost during a tough week.

2. Use Office Hours

Your professors have office hours for a reason. Use them! Go and visit your professors during finals week or check in with them if they are offering study sessions. Use your time and resources wisely. A visit to a professor might help you to get that extra edge when it comes to knowning what is on your test. Showing your professor that you are actively trying to do your best on the test can also benefit you in the long run. The only person who knows exactly what is on your exam before you take it is your professor. Use this!

3. Find a Study Spot

Find a good spot to study when preparing for finals. You’ll likely have a lot of studying to do so it is important that you find a spot that works for you. Pick somewhere that you can be comfortable in and not have to worry about being disturbed. Helping yourself to relax through picking a good study spot can assist you in being more productive. It is important that you find a place that makes it easy to avoid distractions. 

4. Find a Tutor

Is there a content area that you feel you do not know well? Find someone who does. Don’t waste time trying to reteach yourself material if you truly do not understand the concepts. Go to someone who does and have them walk you through it. A tutor can help you to make sure that you are putting your best foot forward come test time. Reviewing content with someone one on one can be more beneficial than a large class setting.

5. Take Breaks

Most importantly — don’t overwork yourself. Finals time can be stressful and preparing for multiple big exams or assignments can be overwhelming. Don’t work yourself up. Take lots of breaks and give yourself time to cool down between studying. Preparing is important but so is taking care of yourself. Exams will come and go. Don’t stress too much. Get lots of rest and make sure you remember to eat as both of these things will help you to