Hurry - Rent by Sep 2024 for 2025-26 Year!

B&L Properties — The Best Housing at IUP

Are you living with B&L this semester? There’s only one right answer! If you’re not, you should be… and here’s why! B&L housing is some of the best it gets. 


All B&L properties are located within walking distance of campus. Especially in a year like this one where parking on campus is essentially non-existent, there is nothing better than a walkable commute. Being so close to campus gives you more time to yourself in between classes and even though you’re off campus, you don’t need to rush. Believe me, the extra time to sleep in or get ready is definitely worth it. B&L’s properties are also within walking distance of anything you could need in town. There’s places to pick up groceries and grab a bite to eat just outside your door. Don’t feel like leaving your house to get food? No worries! Delivery comes quickly because you’re right around the corner. Talk about prime real estate! 


B&L offers a state of the art gym to all of their tenants. Sometimes, the campus gym can be less than desirable when it is crowded and full of sweaty college students. There is nothing like the luxury of a more private space and B&L offers just that. Their gym is located just behind the Bloomsburg Diner and is almost never crowded. There’s treadmills, ellipticals, and a stationary bike as well as a variety of machines and equipment just for those who enjoy lifting. B&L is on top of maintenance and cleaning as well and the gym is always in great shape — just like you’ll be if you live with them!

 Fantastic Maintenance

There is nothing better than the maintenance services that B&L offers. Seriously — it is unbeatable. The response time for maintenance requests is insanely fast and submitting a request is super easy. You can do so on B&L’s website or by scanning the QR code on your fridge. The maintenance staff is friendly and happy to help. They’ll always try their best to leave you satisfied and your request fulfilled. If you have a problem — always report it! They’ll happily fix it for you in no time!

Tanning, Printing, and Fully Furnished Apartments

That’s right! B&L offers access to a tanning booth for all residents. If you live with B&L, you’ll be able to use the brand new tanning booth. The best part? It’s totally free! It’s open almost every day of the week with flexible hours and all of the staff working it are trained to assist you. If you enjoy looking tan or want to give it a try, come down to 141 E 3rd St and check it out! B&L also offers free printing at their office. If you need to print something and don’t want to trek to campus or pay to print, this is an easy alternative. All B&L apartments come furnished with beds, a place to store clothing, desks, chairs, tables, and even TVs. All of these are included in your lease!

So? What are you waiting for! Come check out B&L at or come down to the office at 835 Grant St. Already living with B&L? Check out some of the free services you get just for living in one of their apartments!