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What extra-curricular activities are right for you?

By: Ryan Thomas

As soon as you arrive on campus, it is beaten into your brain that you should really consider getting involved in extra-curricular activities.

This can seem quite daunting because you’re likely still trying to navigate your surroundings, decipher your class schedule, and move into your new dorm. 

It can be so overwhelming that you might even wonder why add anything else to your already busy days, and it’s a valid concern. 

Even still, extra-curriculars are important for a number of reasons. They can help you meet new people, explore new opportunities, and at the very least offer your mind a break from exams and assignments.

There is definitely something for everybody, no matter your interests, so be sure to check some out. But, before signing up for anything, make sure it is right for you.

1. Does it work with your class schedule?

The first, and most obvious, requirement for an extra-curricular is it being compatible with your class schedule. Obviously, classes need to be your foremost priority.
However, maybe you could get your schedule altered by talking to an advisor if you were really set on a particular organization/activity.

2. Are you willing/able to commit to it?

Besides school, do you have any other prior commitments that could affect your participation in such a venture? This is something else to think about before pledging yourself and your time to any additional commitments.

3. Are you compatible with other members of the organization?

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time doing a task, it’s important that you like the people who you will be spending this time with. You don’t want to be roped into something if you don’t necessarily enjoy the company of the people you’re doing it with.
Therefore, take time to speak with the different members of the organization to be sure, one way or the other.

4. Could it pair well with your major/career interests?

This one is a little bit different because it may not be something that you were considering, until you realize that it being a part of such an organization could bode well for you in the future.

Certain majors may even require you to join specific group just because it’s in your best interest, typically business-oriented fields of study.

Be sure to join those if that’s the case. Many different university-affiliated organizations provide a great arena to network and develop professionally in.

There are many pros and cons to joining various group and pursuits while you’re in college. Just be sure that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Extra-curricular activities are a great way to branch out both socially and professionally.

Activities such as these can be used as resume builders, as well. Employers like to see that, in addition to taking courses, you actually invested your time outside of the classroom to become a better student, person, and professional.

See what opportunities there are for you at your school and explore them!