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How to schedule classes effectively in college

By: Ryan Thomas

College, as we all know, is a stressful time for any student. There’s papers, homework, exams, finals, and so much more outside of the classroom.
With that being said, it is important to always find ways to decrease your stress level as much as you can. For me, what I have found to be successful is making sure I schedule my classes in a way that is both efficient and causes the least amount of stress.
Here are some of the strategies that I use when scheduling my courses for an upcoming semester:

Back-to-Back Scheduling

Scheduling classes right after each other is a great way to make your day that much simpler. Rather than having to trek from your apartment, house, or dorm to class and then back again multiple times per day, taking classes back-to back is a lot less strenuous.
For instance, if I have three classes in a day, I schedule my first two classes back-to-back and then give myself an hour break before the third class.
This gets them out of the way in a hurry, while still giving me some time to relax.

This is a tool every college student should use when picking their classes.
This website offers come insight on which professors you should take or maybe avoid. The site posts reviews from students who have taken professors at your university and what class they had them for.
So, when looking for the right fit for you, will be able to shed some light on various course instructors.
Now, how much stock you put into these reviews is entirely up to you.

Schedule Classes with a Friend

Another strategy that can be advantageous, depending on who it is, is to take a course with a friend who also needs to complete that course. This ensures that you will have someone to help you with classwork during the semester.
Whether it’s completing homework, making a project, or studying for an exam, having a friend you are already comfortable with is reassuring.
No more worrying about getting stuck with a bad partner on projects or struggling to figure out what is due and when.

Credit Efficient Courses

General electives, at least for me, are incredibly annoying. I am not really sure why I need to learn about chemistry when also trying to pursue a degree in broadcasting. Well, I know why ($$$$).
At any rate, it is important to get these required credits out of the way as quickly and painlessly as possible.
So, when I am scheduling a general elective class, I make sure that it fulfills as many points as possible in as many disciplines as possible.
Nothing is worse than getting a headache over a G.E. in your senior year.

Online Courses

Online courses are a blessing. Being able to learn course material and complete assignments on your own time is definitely something everybody should look into.
But, like anything else, it is crucial that you do some research and make sure that it is going to be a good fit for you.
For example, the first online course I took in college I loved. I had no issue grasping the course material or turning in assignments on time. My second time taking an online course, though, did not go so smoothly.
The best advice I have for those who aren’t entirely sure what to make of online classes is this: Research the professor because even though the course is “online”, doesn’t mean you won’t be working closely with the professor.
Some professors are just better at online courses than others and the styles/formats of these classes can really vary. Do your due diligence!