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Five Cleaning Duties Every Roommate Should Do

By: Ryan Thomas, B&L Resident Blogger

One of the biggest issues many people have when moving off-campus is keeping their place clean. During freshman year, you were, likely, only responsible for a singular, tiny room that you shared with another person (typically).
It gets a little harder to remain tidy once you move into a bigger place with more people, however, and even though it’s college, there’s no reason you should be living in a pigsty. 
Here are some duties that EVERY roommate should partake in. Nothing groundbreaking, just some simple things that can really make a huge difference over the course of an academic year.

1. Clean your dishes when you’re done with them!

This is especially crucial if your apartment/house doesn’t come with a dishwasher. Make sure you are taking care of your dishes when you’re done eating. Also, if there are already a couple plates already in the sink, clean them too, even if they might not necessarily be yours.
Don’t be the one who piles up plates and bowls in the sink.
It is so much easier- and less gross- to just wash your kitchenware right when you’re done.

2. Don’t wait for others to take out the trash…

It may surprise you how quickly trash can pile up once you have a couple more roommates under a roof with you. With that being said, the trash will need to be taken out frequently.
Rather than getting caught up in whose turn it is, just take it out if you see it needs to be done. Speaking from experience, it works best if everyone does it without having to be asked or reminded. You shouldn’t be living in a landfill.
Make sure you take care of any and all trash.

3. Keep the fridge clean/free of expired items.

One of the dirtiest, commonly-shared things in a college apartment is the refrigerator. Always take care of your place’s fridge, even if you have your own mini fridge that you use.
There’s nothing worse than opening up the kitchen fridge to find mold, jelly, or anything else all over the shelves. Take some time every month or so to wipe down the shelves, drawers, and door of your refrigerator.
In addition to that, clear out any old or expired items. We all know you’re not eating those leftovers from 2 ½ weeks ago… so throw it away.
There’s only so much space if you’re sharing the fridge with several other people, so make sure nothing is in there that shouldn’t be.

4. Clean common areas and surfaces.

There are certain areas and items that every roommate shares. So just because your room is neat doesn’t mean you should slack when it comes to the kitchen and living room.
All roommates should regularly clean these common areas- wipe down the counters, clean the floors, and pick up trash.

5. Vacuum and mop the floors, regularly!

Nobody wants gross floors, so try to clean them often. Vacuum any carpets, rugs, or mats that you may have and get under the couch, too. A little vacuuming from time-to-time makes a big difference in the appearance of your place.
The only thing worse than a dirty floor is a sticky floor. If a drink is spilled, mop it up. Don’t put up with the stickiness for the next three months.
Please, do something about it, even if no one else has done anything about it, yet.