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B & L Fitness Center Review

B&L Gym Review

Without a doubt, one of the biggest perks of living with B&L Properties, versus other housing competitors at IUP, is the access to the B&L gym. B&L’s gym debuted in September 2016 and is exclusive to their residents.

This 1,200-sq. ft. fitness center gives residents a convenient alternative to the Student Recreation Center. Located at 557 Carter Avenue, right behind many of our apartments, the B&L gym is closer to home for students than the on-campus Rec Center.  

Furthermore, if you’re somebody who doesn’t like working out in a crowded gym, the B&L gym is just the place for you. As a frequent user of this fitness center, I can tell you that I have never seen more than 10 people in the gym at a time. It doesn’t take many people to crowd a smaller gym like this, but there is enough equipment for everyone to get in good workout, simultaneously.

The facility makes very good use of its limited space. There’s a cardio section, complete with two treadmills, two ellipticals, and a stationary bike. For the weight lifting crowd, there are a variety of machines and equipment that can be used to exercise every major muscle group.

There is also a dumbbell rack, squat rack, flat bench, and cable tower. 

As far as maintenance goes, B&L Properties has been very good about keeping the machines in working order. I have yet to see any machines out of order or any other issues for that matter.

 Also, the facility is very sanitary. There are disinfectant wipes readily available to rid the benches and machines of sweat. 

This fitness center is open from 6:00 am-12:00 am every day. So, no matter your schedule, the gym will be open and waiting for you. 

Honestly, I was not sure what to expect from this gym when I first heard about it. However, it has exceeded my expectations and has proven to be a wonderful asset for me, as it saves time and is very efficient. You will especially appreciate of having this resource at your disposal on rainy or freezing cold days. Rather than make the long trek to the Rec Center, I am able to make the short walk to this gym. 

There are many upsides to living with B&L Properties, but this gym is the best of them all. The proximity to town, workout equipment, and cleanliness makes the B&L gym a fabulous experience for residents.

By: Ryan Thomas, B&L Resident