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B&L Special Events

B&L Special Events - Free Donut Friday, Weekly Pizza Giveaway, Finals Week Chair Massage

When you stay with B&L Properties you are not just getting a great house at a great price. You're joining a community. As a part of that, we're all about the things that make it all fun. Here’s just a sample of some of the extras you get when you stay with B&L.

Coffee and Doughnuts on Tuesdays – Join us from 9-11am on Tuesday mornings at the office for coffee and doughnuts on your way to class. Why pay for breakfast when you can pick it up for free? Hang out and connect with your fellow students or chat with our onsite management team. We are there to help you work through any issues you are having or just to connect over coffee. Let us know your favorite kind of doughnuts and we will make sure we have them for you.

Pizza on Thursday – Every Thursday we raffle off free pizza to one lucky house! We pull an apartment address from a hat, and that group wins free pizza from Dominos. We have given away hundreds of pizzas already. Maybe you will be next.

Stress Relief for Finals Week – Chair message at the office! – Finals week can be stressful. All nighters prepping for a final in your worst class. Getting the last papers and work turned in for the year. That kind of stress builds up. No worries, we have a massage therapist at the office during finals week to give you therapeutic chair messages. Doesn’t cost you anything, just come in and let that stress melt away.