Hurry - Rent by Sep 2024 for 2025-26 Year!

B&L is Pet Friendly

Fur Friends Can Do School Along With You - The Best Experiences Can Be All About Who You're With

Don’t leave your furry friends at home, they need college too! Stay with us, and your pet can come along with you.

As pet lovers ourselves, we are proud to welcome all pets, with a few exceptions (no ferrets or alligators). There is no application fee or additional pet deposit. We only ask that you be a responsible pet-owner and take good care of them like you would at home. Pick up after them if they are an outside pooper, and keep their litter boxes clean if they are an inside pooper. If you need biodegradable poop-scoop bags, they are available at our office.

For pricing and details please refer to your lease.

Ready to jump on board? When you're ready to rent, just fill out a pet profile.