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Apartments for Rent in Indiana PA

The B&L Advantage

When you think about living in the dorms, what are the first words that pop into your head?

  • Shared bedrooms?
  • Dark?
  • Waiting for the bathroom?
  • Endless hallways?
  • Noisy?
  • No privacy?
  • Big brother is watching you?
  • Tight spaces?
  • Cluttered?
  • No homey feeling?
  • Cookie cutter?
  • Not unique?
  • Lack of personality?

Here at B&L Properties we have heard you.  We have listened and we have built apartments for you that are nothing like dorms.  In fact, we have built our apartments as the anti-dorm. Check out what we have to offer that gives you the comforts of a home away from home.

Benefits of our Apartments for Rent in Indiana PA

Our apartments have individual bedrooms.  No more sharing.  Better yet, each bedroom has its own bathroom.  No more hopping around in the morning waiting for your turn to jump in the shower or use the bathroom.  No more planning out your showering schedule the night before based on availability.  You don’t have to lug your bathroom supplies back and forth or wear flip-flops in the shower.  No more cleaning other peoples’ dirty sinks, showers, and toilets.  You have your own bathroom to take care of just as you like.

Our apartments also offer washers and dryers.  No more carrying your laundry up and down flights of stairs or down a maze of hallways.  No more walking back and forth to check and see if there are washers and dryers available only to come back with your laundry and find them already taken.  No more annoying clock watching and time calculating to figure out when to come back to see if your laundry has finished its cycle or to switch it over to the dryer.  All you have to do is carry your laundry to the next room and throw it in the washer at your convenience.  It will always be free so no more endless walking trips and time watching.

A lot of our apartments are walk ups, so you have your own front door with a stoop.  You have a private entry door to your apartment and a place to relax right at your front door.  No more wandering forever down a hallway.  And best of all, it’s yours!!  No RA’s keeping track of you and your friends.

Our apartments have huge windows to let in the natural light and individual decks and balconies so you can get some fresh air.  Just walk outside onto your porch and enjoy the privacy of the great outdoors.  With patios looking out onto scenic grounds, allow yourself to get lost in the beauty of nature while enjoying your morning or evening coffee or tea.  Secluded and away from the noise and commotion on campus.  

Our apartments come with a great feature that is conducive to the need for quiet studying spaces and a good night’s sleep.  All of the walls have been sound proofed so you aren’t bothered by your neighbor's loud music and noise.  You can study without interruptions and get the quality sleep you need without having to endure loud noises from the hallway or the room next door.

Our apartments enable you to customize your living space to your individual style and personality.  You can personalize your apartment to your taste and give it that homey feeling you are looking for.  While, at the same time, getting to enjoy the experience of living on your own.  

Our apartments allow you to choose who you want to live with and how many roommates you want to have.  Looking to get away and spend some alone time while spending hardcore time studying and focusing on your schoolwork?  Then we have a single bedroom apartment just for you.  Wanting to live with your friends for an entire semester sleepover?  Then we have multiple bedroom apartments for you.  Study with your friends, spend time hanging out together, and learn some new tricks of the trade about housekeeping and living.

Our apartments include the following features:  (See the individual apartment listings for specifics)

Furniture included

  • Bedrooms:  dresser, twin size bed, and mattress
  • Living room:  leather sofas and a flat screen TV
  • Fully complimented kitchen with:  dishwasher, stove, microwave, and refrigerator
  • Eating area:  breakfast bar with high back stools or a table and chairs
  • Desks for studying


  • Onsite 24 hour maintenance staff on call to accommodate for your needs at any hour
  • Quick turnaround of maintenance requests
  • Easy online submission system
  • No extra fees; it’s included in your rent

Bonuses for tenants

  • Parking available on site at your apartment
  • Access to a private gym
  • Access to a private clubhouse
  • Access to a private tanning facility
  • Use of a sand volleyball court
  • Enjoy the evenings around a fire pit

Learn more about what makes B&L different from other options - our special extras that provide more. From our gym/clubhouse with tanning, fitness training, and yoga classes, to free summers, furnished apartments (incl leather sofas and TVs!), and fun perks like free chair massages during finals week!

Enjoy the B&L Extras - Have a great experience on us. Discover more than just student housing.

Check out our list of featured Indiana, PA apartments below!

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835 Grant St

These great walk up apartments are as close as the dorms; just a million times better.  Located on 835 Grant Avenue (also known as Moore Hall), these apartments contain 2-5 bedroom condos that provide a myriad of options for the number of friends you want to live with.  They are just steps away from campus and allow you convenient and quick access to all campus’ facilities.  Set your morning alarm to wake up for class, roll out of bed, and be sitting in class in no time.  Recently remodeled, these apartments are updated and in excellent condition, just waiting for you to occupy them and make them into your home.  Complete with a gorgeous kitchen, washer and dryer located inside the apartment, flat screen television, good sized bedrooms, parking on site, and all utilities included.  What are you waiting for?  Call today because these won’t last long!

557 Carter Ave

521 Carter Ave - Front photo

These brand new 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom loft style apartments come with their own balcony.  Each balcony is a great size, overlooks views of nature, and are perfect for enjoying an evening cup of coffee or tea while you study outside in the fresh evening air.  Positioned directly outside a sand volleyball court with lights for nighttime games, these apartments provide the perfect space for both studying and hanging out with your friends.  Parking is included and located steps from your front door.  But you won’t need your car to drive to campus!  All you have to do is walk a short distance and you are right in the midst of campus life.  Living here will make your college experience the best of both worlds.  Easy access to campus life and a private get away retreat inside your very own living space.  Set up a personal tour of these apartments today so you won’t miss out on all they have to offer!

557 Carter Ave

519 Carter Ave - Front

These brand new 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom apartments (also known as “The Village”) have everything you need to be able to live with your friends in style.  Each apartment has its own private balcony and parking is included just steps away from your front door.  An enjoyable and successful living experience is an essential part of your college career.  These apartments offer you great amenities that aren’t available just anywhere.  For example, you have your own bathroom, the luxury of central air, quality furniture included, a washer and dryer inside your apartment, and a living space where you can hang out with your friends and build memories to last a lifetime; all while getting a college degree at the same time.  You won’t want to pass up the opportunity to live in these apartments, so call today!

925-927 Fleming Ave

925 Fleming Ave, Indiana PA

These 1 and 2 bedroom apartments are located less than a block away from campus and are perfect for students looking to focus on their studying without the noise and interruptions of on-campus living.  Each apartment is 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and provides you with a place of solace all to yourself.  If you are an introverted person and prefer to spend time alone, these apartments are a great fit for you.  No roommates, no noise, you can decorate and keep the apartment just the way you like it, and you have a comfortable space to go for some peace and quiet.  If you want to get out and go somewhere, you have a parking spot right outside your front door so your car is only a few steps away.  These apartments come fully furnished and are ready for you to move right in.  You can’t find one bedroom apartments of this quality anywhere else.  So come sign a Lease today!

468 S 13th St

468 S 13th St, Indiana PA

These newly remodeled 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom condo style apartments are located right next to campus.  Not only are they a short walk to campus but they are also close to all the downtown attractions.  Built with lots of living space, beautiful furniture, and central air and parking included, these apartments are waiting to be occupied by you and your friends.  Each bedroom has its own bathroom; so no more sharing.  This is a wonderful place to live while making memories with your friends and earning a degree that will last for a lifetime.  These apartments are the place for you!