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At B&L, we're always about making things easy for you. Rent checks are so old school. Want to pay your rent online? Just choose your address below:

Pay Your Rent Online: (Please read Frequently Asked Questions before paying)

Pay Your Security Deposit or Other Fees Online:

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Frequently Asked Questions - Please, please please read these before paying online

Q. Why is there a service fee and who does it go to?

A. The service fee is charged by your credit card company via for the convenience of being able to pay online. B&L Properties receives no money from them and has no control over the fees they charge. We picked because the fees they charged our Students were the lowest of the companies we looked into using.

Q. What is the cheapest way to pay online?

A. The cheapest way to pay on line is to use an Echeck or an ACH transfer. The service fee for both of these is only a couple of bucks. The second cheapest way is using a debit card.

Q.  Why is the service fee so outrageous when I try and use my Visa card? 

A.  That is because Visa charges you a flat fee equivalent to 2.5% of your total semester’s rent.  Meaning if your rent is $2000 per semester, Visa is going to charge you $50 regardless if you are paying $2000 or $500.  Again, we do not set this fee or get any money from this fee, this is all Visa.  If you are paying a smaller amount please try an alternate payment method (see previous question).

Q.  Should I sign up for to send me a reminder when my rent is due?

A.  No, please don’t.  They only work on a monthly rent payment system, which means they will be bugging you emails every month.  We will send you an invoice whenever a payment is due.

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