Apartments for Rent in Indiana PA

B&L Apartment vs Dorm

When you think about living in the dorms what is the first word that pops into your head?

  • Shared bedrooms?
  • Dark?
  • Waiting on the bathroom?
  • Endless hallways?
  • Noisy?
  • No privacy?
  • Big brother is watching you?

Here at B&L Properties we have heard you. We have listened and we have built apartments for you that are nothing like dorms. In fact, we have built our apartments as the anti-dorm.

Benefits of our Apartments for Rent in Indiana PA

Our apartments have individual bedrooms. No more sharing. Better yet, each bedroom has its own bathroom. No more hopping around in the morning waiting for your turn.

Our apartments have huge windows to let in the natural light, and individual decks and balconies so you can get some fresh air. All our walls have been sound proofed so you aren’t bothered by your neighbor&rsqup;s loud music. A lot of our apartments are walk ups, so you have your own front door with a stoop. No more wandering forever down a hallway. And best of all, it’s yours!! No RAs keeping track of you and your friends.

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Check out our list of featured Indiana, PA apartments below!

835 Grant St

835 Grant St Front Photo

These great walk up apartments are as close as the dorms just a million times better.

521 Carter Ave

521 Carter Ave - Front photo

Brand new 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom apartments, each with their own balcony and parking is included!

519 Carter Ave<

519 Carter Ave - Front

Brand new 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom apartments, each with their own balcony and parking is included!

925-927 Fleming Ave

925 Fleming Ave, Indiana PA

1 Bedroom apartments. Can’t beat them. Parking right in front of your door.

468 S 13th St

468 S 13th St, Indiana PA

Brand new 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom apartments right next to campus.

new edge of downtown housing

Want more privacy? One bathroom per bedroom, parking incl, just outside downtown, still walking distance.

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